Where am I

About Us

Whenever you are in a situation when you don't know what your current location is and then there is only one question which into your mind at that time, and that is where am i now. There are also certain other conditions when we need to find our location, such as visiting a new place, during hiking or going to some unknown place with our friends. So as an answer to this problem we created this website, you can use this site with a basic knowledge of just using the internet. To find your location, all you is to allow our where am i app to access your location.

Did you find yourself lost out on the streets of an unknown town? Did you get lost in your new University and need to find out where am i right now? Wherever you can be, we got you covered and will help you in finding your exact location in seconds. Just visit our website and allow it to find out your current location on the map. It is very easy to find out where am i right now.

If you found a mistake in the website reflecting your current location, or find anything unclear, please, immediately let us know about that. We would also be happy to receive any suggestion or an idea about how to improve the functionality of our website to make it more helpful to you and our other users.

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